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Helping Latina Business  Owners, Launch, Relaunch, and Grow

Meet the business ladies from RD Consulting and Translations "Lánzate Mujer" Entrepreneur Class.  It is the goal of this course to bring women from underrepresented populations to be exposed to different audiences, networks, resources, and opportunities.  Giving them a chance to understand different cultural and business perspectives, language access, conduct market research, and showcase their new and evolving business ideas.

On March 29th, the audience will be asked to come by and show support for first-time business owners showcase. These women are looking to research and understand different target audiences, learn to lose their fear of sharing their business ideas, gain resources, and support. Please join stop by and share your knowledge and support. You can also share your superpowers on  for the following projects. 

Uchuu Huleu

Uchuu Huleu is a team of spiritual coaches that are experts in the healing practices of the Mayan culture traditions. Natives of Guatemala and of Maya descent, we currently reside in Sacramento CA and speak the Mayan language "Achi" in both Spanish and English. We are a team of holistic ancestral massage practitioners using techniques of Reiki, Tapping, Energetic Zones, Chakra Alignment using gems and crystals and many more. We provide vibrational/spiritual healing and blessing of the womb as Mother Moon. We give personal and family support through holistic healing. Our goal is to serve those in need to re-balance their lives using traditional Mayan and Ancestral healing, meditation, and spa practices.


Carolina Cruz has owned the CC SALÓN beauty salon for 21 years. It is the most visited Salon in Sonoma! She is a specialist in human resources, training of new personal in beauty, inventory of products, training of new beauty techniques, promotions, online advertising, etc. Carolina has a specialty in Colorimetry (Color formulas) and change of look depending on the shape of the face individually. She is currently reviving business coaching training in the Redken 5th Avenue from New York company, to be able to play her role as leader and owner.

Her experience and unique style of business has taken her to be an expert to consult in beauty matters. She is a mother of two and she wants to launch her very own line of products as a next step in her career. 

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